Rustic Charm Rentals keeps things light-hearted! We make the discovery part of finding vintage furniture and accessories fun, easy, and affordable (who knew?!). From large items like farm tables, trunks and mirrors to smaller items like typewriters, stools, books and candlesticks, we have something for your every whim! For a true grasp of what we have to offer, head on over to the inventory page for a fabulous selection of eclectic pieces.


Impressed with our goodies and sweet pieces but aren’t sure how to pull it all together? Fret not! We have style tricks that we’d be more than willing to put forth. Our staging and creative ideas span the likes of photographer shoots, engagement shoots, weddings and events. Whether you’re planning to add vintage charm to your event or a client’s event, let us come up with the backdrop! We’re more than happy to show off our shabby chic flair and make our vintage pieces come to life for you.

Delivery & Set-Up

We understand that there is SO much that goes into planning an event and the details of it all can become a bit overwhelming. If you wish to lighten your load, and want us to handle the nitty gritty details of delivery and set-up, then by all means allow us too. We deliver to the ends of the earth (to infinity and beyond!) – Okay, not really that far, but we do have delivery and staging services so don’t hesitate to ask! This way, you too can enjoy the special day you’re planning.

Custom Search

We are here to help! If you’re desperate to find something specific that is not a part of our current collection, then by all means reach out to us for a custom search. We fully understand that sometimes your sights are set on something that you just can’t bear to be without. After all, we loooove hunting around for special pieces, so let your search be our burden to bear.


Is your interest peaked? Great! We love what we do, and we’d love to share that with you! Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll setup a meeting to discuss your vision over some lattes! Or tea, or coffee, even ice cream!  Too busy to meet? No problemo – Erica loves to talk and she always has her phone handy for consultations.


Check back soon!